Privacy Policy

This Policy deals between you, the user of this website and apart from the owner and provider of this website. Throughout the website, faculty square means SiliconWeb Technology Pvt. Ltd. This Policy caters to any kind of data collected by us in terms of your usage of the website and all systems or services therein.

Data Collected and Use

In respect to privacy, Faculty Square gives full priority. Right from any kind of business to personal information, collection of all data is done through forms, whenever you buy or use our services. Users can rest assured that their data is kept confidential and will not be released to any third party in any case whatsoever without prior permission from the user.

Faculty Square recognizes the importance of privacy. In this section, we outline the personal or business information we receive and collect via forms when you use or buy our services. Data will not be provided to any third party without your prior permission. As long as you enjoy the services and systems, Faculty Square is liable to retain any personal information provided on the website. In order to provide best services via the website, any kind of data absorbed from the user may be required by us from time to time.

The following are the reasons for which data may be precisely used:

Accessing your own Data


Faculty Square devotes enormous importance over security and assures its users that all data is maintained in suitable managerial procedures through physical as well electronic means. Any information collected online is safeguarded.


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The privacy policy is subjected to any change as Faculty Square holds the right to do so, whenever necessary from time to time or when required by law. Any alterations will be immediately updated in the website and the user is deemed to have accepted the terms of the policy.