Some Basic Tips to Become a Qualified Tutor

Can everyone become a good tutor? What differentiate a good tutor from a bad tutor? Are there any specific qualities for tutoring? What classifies a qualified tutor? Well, tutoring is a skill which has certain requirements to be classified as a qualified tutor. Yes, a tutor can be differentiated from being good or bad. It is dependent on the skill sets of the tutor. What are these skills and tips to be become a qualified tutor? Here are some of the basic tips about qualified tutor which will also help you understand how the identity of a good instructor or tutor can be established:

Hold over course curriculum
A qualified tutor has a good command over the course syllabus she is going to educate about or impart training in to students. So ensure that you fully understand the syllabus or curriculum. It will help in effective maximization of how you are going to plan your lessons.

Prepare and practice before class
A smart tutor never enters a class without being fully prepared in the lessons she is going to teach to students. Prior preparation is necessary for sticking to the given topic and taking the discussion forward in the desired direction. Also practice before the class is a confidence enhancer in handling a large group of students. For better organization of the lecture in the classroom instructor shall devote time and make notes about what needs to be discussed in the classroom.

Make lessons interactive and interesting
Make good use of teaching aids like power point presentations, videos, film screening and quiz, among others, to make teaching process efficient and effective. Keep looking for innovative and interesting ways of imparting lessons to students. Such techniques keep students active in the classroom and make them fully participate in learning process.

Pay attention to student’s queries
Give a careful attention to what students are enquiring about. Respond to their questions in the best possible manner.