Basics of mathematics and how it is helpful

Mathematics is not just a mere process of number crunching games; it is all about dealing with logic of shape, arrangement and quantity. Mathematics has its trace in ancient history, wherein Egyptians used mathematics to come out with equation like algebra and geometry, which eventually helped them in building the great pyramids. It shows the power of mathematics in creation. Importantly, Mathematics helps in building analytical skills and gives the space to take quick decisions of life. The significance of plus, minus, division and multiplication in day-to-day lives is in itself the proof of dominance of mathematics. Right from ancient symbols to cosmological evolution, all are driven by mathematical measurements.

Daily Living and Mathematics
The daily lives of human being might become completely blank without mathematics. An individual needs or somehow stays connected with mathematics in some form or other that drives his/her mechanism. The knowledge of mathematics and mathematical calculation help in day lives in many ways. The first and foremost priority of every human being is calculation, without which their daily lives will become stationary. For example, for counting money, basic mathematical skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are required. Right from buying products from supermarkets to investing money, everything needs simple mathematical skills.

Different Careers and Mathematics

  • In case of interior designing and constructing houses, surface knowledge of mathematics is must. It is mathematical formulas and concept, which shows how much of material is needed to decorate a house, what will be the measurements, and how the space and area can be managed.
  • Similarly, in the field of Engineering and architecture, it is must to have advance knowledge of mathematics. In addition, basics of algebra and geometry help an individual in making analytical decisions to solve technical problems. Other jobs here mathematics is applied are accounting, plumbing, scientific work and many more.
  • Right from sport persons to coaches and managers, everyone is ought to have mathematical knowledge to take quick decisions. Mathematical helps in building analytical problem solving skills as it also focuses on statistics.